TransCash® Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Debit Cards

The only set of 2 prepaid debit cards with 2 separate accounts which makes sharing money with familly easier, faster and cheaper.

Card to Card Transfer

Keep the Primary card and give the Secondary card to the person with whom you want to share money. Send money instantly 24/7 either online or by phone

Money Sharing Made Easy

  • No Bank Account Required
  • No Credit Check Required
  • Approval in Minutes
  • Safer than Cash
  • Convenient

We are a global debit card service with substantial savings over existing services.


We partner with only the most reputable companies, worldwide, to bring you the highest quality products. We offer the only card of its kind.

Best results

We are the only company that owns the rights to the patented program containing 2 Prepaid debit cards.


We take pride in our work and believe in providing the best customer service. TransCash customer service team has been fully trained and is ready to serve you.


TransCash has over 15 years of money sharing knowledge. Established in 2002., We are pioneers in the Prepaid Card industry.


Licensee Worldwide


Years in Business


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Patent Programs

Our Work Team

Charles Cohen

CEO, Founder

Yanna Esterleyn

Chief Of Operations

What People think About us

june 20, 2016

Bernard, from Paris

I wanted to say thank you for saving me money on transfers back home to my family. The fees for transferring money add up so quickly when I have to send money a few times a month. My family back home needs that money more than the places where I used to cash my checks. Thanks again!

march 04, 2012

Raad, from UAE

I've had a hard time getting a bank account when I just moved to a new country. So when I heard about TransCash, my troubles were finally over! I purchased the cards from a store, and got the approval right away. I was even more surprised when I learned that I can give a secondary card to my wife and kids where I can transfer money instantly, without any charges. No more paperwork and fees. That was a waste of time and money! It's nice to know that my wife and children can get my help anytime without having to do anything.